Welcome to Ashcroft, in view of the ongoing Covid 19 situation, for your safety and the safety of those around you, PLEASE READ the following carefully on arrival at Ashcroft Campsite, thank you.


Please DO NOT continue with your holiday if anyone within your household or holiday group are showing any symptoms of coronavirus or have recently tested positive to a coronavirus test.


PLEASE follow social distancing measures at all times and remain respectful of other peoples space.


Please do not come to the farmhouse side of the road unless in an extreme emergency.

If you need to ask a question of the site owners please text or call 07789173913 or if the matter is urgent and the first number unavailable 07790543080


If you have your own washing and toilet facilities within your own unit, then we recommend using those whenever possible.


Cleaning products are supplied in the toilet block, we respectfully ask that everyone who uses the facilities wipes down any surfaces touched after use. With the option of wiping down before use also.


In view of the above, we ask that children DO NOT go unaccompanied to the toilet block. An adult must go to the toilet block with them to ensure the child’s safety around cleaning products and to ensure that surfaces are wiped after use.


Paper towel will be provided for hand drying and surface wiping, please place it in the bin provided and NOT in the toilets.


We strongly advise the use of rubber flip flops whilst using the shower units.


While waiting to use the toilet block facilities, please wait at least 2 metres away from the doorways.

After use, please leave the doors open so that toilet rooms can both ventilate and be seen to be vacant.


The Utility Room is limited to the use of two people at a time, who must be from the same pitch or family group.


Please note that the toilet block facilities will be closed while cleaning is carried out.


Unless from the same family or friends group, when setting up your camp, please ensure that there is a 5 metre gap between your camp and the adjoining pitches camps.


Sadly, due to the usual need to sort the recycling bins by hand when items are placed in the incorrect bins, we are unable to carry out as much recycling as usual. We therefore request that you please take your recycling home with you.

Recycling on site will be glass only, bottles and jars without lids in the green wheelie bin labelled for glass.

General waste must be placed in a black bin bag and tied closed before being left at the bins area, preferably in the morning in view of opportunist night time wildlife.

We can provide black bin bags.


DO NOT leave broken or discarded camping, beach equipment or bedding for our disposal.


Unfortunately the day kennelling facilities will remain closed this season.


While dogs remain very welcome at Ashcroft and may still free run in the adjoining field to the campsite, please ensure that your dog will recall to go back on the lead before returning to the campsite, and while on the campsite your dog is under control at all times. Long lines and secure fences around your unit are still permitted, so long as lines do not extend beyond your camp boundaries.


In view of these challenging times that we are still all negotiating as best we can, we thank you for your co operation and wish you a very happy stay at our campsite.