Livery at Ashcroft

Ashcroft Livery yard is a small friendly DIY yard. Part livery can sometimes also be arranged. Our first aim is always happy contented horses and if this leads to happy contented owners then all the better.

We are pleased to encourage everyone to enjoy their horses, whether they be pet ponies or pleasure riders, Pony Club and riding Club members to the more competitive rider. We all have our aims and our achievements within a common bond of the love and appreciation of the horse.

We have two yards of three to four stables suitable for small ponies to large horses. We offer year round turnout in small individual paddocks. Though it should be noted that turnout time must be reduced in the winter due to our wet ground, so horses and ponies do have to be stabled for longer and at night during the winter.

Access To Equine Services

These services are available to you should you wish to use them, we have no problem with you calling different professionals of your choice to our yard.                  

In the summer we regularly have a qualified instructor visit the yard to provide lessons for both flatwork and jumping.

We have a qualified saddle fitter visit every 6 to 12 months

We have the trailer medic call once a year (trailer storage can be arranged at Ashcroft)

Also regularly visiting the yard as required with the opportunity for shared visits is a qualified Equine Physiotherapist, Equine vets and farriers.


To maintain a safe and happy yard we ask the following of you: 

That you and your horse have at least third party insurance cover and rider cover. 

You look after your horse well, keep a tidy yard and pay your bills on time. 

Hard hats MUST be worn at all times whilst riding however young, old or experienced the jockey. 

Jumping on the outdoor arena must always be supervised by somebody at least capable of phoning for help in case of emergency. 

There is strictly no smoking in or around the buildings or on horseback. 

We strongly advise that horses must be at least Tetanus vaccinated. 

We also strongly advise that horses receive regular worming, dental and foot care. 

For health and safety precautions livery owners are not permitted access to the poultry units or parts of the farm that are not relevant to the care of their horses.

We do ask that you carry out sensible bio security procedures to reduce the risk of bringing infectious or contagious diseases to the farm. With particular attention being paid to the outside contact with birds and other poultry. 

Finally we ask that you respect one another’s property and horses, and try hard to keep a relaxed and happy atmosphere, suitable for horses to rest and where we can all enjoy our equine activities.


Internal barn style stables 

Electric fenced individual turnout paddocks  

Access to 20 x 40 meter all weather sand and rubber arena 

Hay, haylage, shavings and straw can usually be purchased on site.


Ashcroft is approximately 3 miles from the nearest main road, so hacking is on single track country roads. We have 5 bridleways within a 5 mile radius, forestry commission within 1 mile (permit required) and sometimes we also have a little of our own farmland available to ride on.

DIY Rates 

£20 per week including stable and turnout paddock  

£86.50 per calendar month 

Please enquire if you require part livery 

Hay, haylage and bedding, please enquire for current prices.

Thank you, we look forward to meeting you and your horse and welcoming you both to Ashcroft.

Family Experience

Horses have been a part of the family since before the Meeson family moved to Ashcroft. When Kenrick proposed marriage to Jo in 1958, her reply was “Yes so long as I can bring my pony”. He readily agreed, though little did he realise she actually meant ponies not just the one fell x TB she had owned since she was 14 years old. The numbers quickly grew!

Jo’s youth was spent hunting and riding county level show ponies for Joan who ran Tinsleys Riding Stables, in Bedfordshire, where she spent all her free time. Regularly coming up against the legendary Pretty Polly.

As a mother she encouraged all three of her children to ride, instilling a high ethic of care and that the pony always came first. She also made pony dreams come true for many other children over the years, with her encouragement and lending many ponies on many occasions.

Ashcroft hosted Pony Club Camp for 6 years from 1975 to 1980. And from 1981 Jo Meeson became District Commissioner of the Stevenstone and Torrington Hunt Branch of the Pony Club for a further 4 years.

When she died in 2005 she left behind a fine family legacy of caring horsemanship and high standards.

Bob has three sons who all rode. The eldest two successfully used their riding skills to attain a GCSE in Sport. One of them going on to event for his A level Sport. Both enjoyed a days hunting on Exmoor whenever study time permitted. They still ride occasionally when the opportunity presents itself.

Bob and Vicki’s brother Stuart, lives and works as a farm manager in Lincolnshire. He attained his BHSAI and taught at many Pony Club Camps as well as teaching while farming in Bahrain. Now married to an equally equestrian minded lady, they both enjoy hunting in Lincolnshire, where Stuart regularly Field Masters and Whips In. Their small daughter also shares a great love of horses.


Vicki, who mainly runs the livery yard at Ashcroft. Came up through the Pony Club and was lucky enough to secure one of only 4 national Pony Club Scholarships to train at Porlock Vale Equitation Centre in 1984. For her 15th birthday, inspired by Christina in Flambards, she had already been to Porlock for side saddle lessons. She continued to fit horses alongside farming and trained for her BHSAI at Leawood Stud in the mid 1980’s. She went on to compete in Riding Club Teams and at Novice level in Affiliated Horse Trials, back in the days when there were no nice 80T, 90 and 100 classes to break you in gently. She has a wide experience of managing all types of horse from small ponies to large hunters, competition horses, broodmares and young stock.