Ashcroft Ruby Beef

Ashcroft is home to a small herd of grass fed North Devon “Ruby Red” beef cattle. Our cattle are an important part of maintaining our conservation ground, so spend their summer months grazing these areas of the farm.

They are housed over winter when the ground is too wet for them to be
outside, but fed only on our own hay and haylage from fields which receive
no artificial fertilizers.

The calves are born in the Spring before spending their first summer happily
suckling their mothers while they roam the conservation ground.
After weaning they are reared on in our small herd of young stock
accompanied by our “nanny” cow, Hope.

We are delighted to now be able to offer chilled beef boxes. Having carefully
researched to find a very small local, family run abattoir and butchers where
we can send our finished stock, confident of the extremely high standards of
animal welfare that we constantly aspire to maintain ourselves.
We are excited to make available our Ashcroft Ruby boxes, that do justice to
this amazing slow grown, grass reared product.
The meat is hung for 21 days to ensure maximum tenderness and taste from
this beautifully marbled beef. Then can be collected from Ashcroft or
delivered in a chilled box by courier.
Boxes will comprise one fifth of a side, giving you a variety of cuts in your
box from Sunday joints, midweek mince to date night steaks.
£140 per box plus delivery

If you are interested in purchasing one of our boxes, please email your
contact details to to be added to our list.
Many thanks.

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